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the weather was terrific last sunday so we went on a geocaching adventure




extensions are very popular at the moment.  although, the chiltern way is the chiltern way isn't it ?  that like saying the 'stonehenge extension'.  it's just not right.  not that i'm an expert on national footpaths.  just so you know.


i like this simple map of the south bank.  i especially like the fact it shows the distance as 'just half an hour walk'.  i imagine for a lot of people that would not be 'just' a short walk.

i'm all for walking.


Exactly 4 years ago to the day (give or take 2 days) i started measuring my daily walking distances.  In total i've walked over 8,000 miles.  in a fortnight's time i'd have reached hong kong from london if i'd walked all that in a straight line.  i didn't though, so i haven't
here are big eye tony's shoes as i thought i should include some shoes along with this post, and i spotted these shoes in my yet-to-post picture folder (currently containing 1,445 images i'm afraid)


we actually managed to go for a walk yesterday which wasn't centred around a geocache !


after a year and a quarter of car commuting i think i consider it my main method of transport which is a real shame as i'm a dedicated walker.  according to my statistics i walk on average 63km / week. 

last week was a particularly car intensive week and i only walked 24km which is the lowest since i started recording my walking distances every day on the 2nd February 2004.  Since then i've walked 15,460,260km.

anyway, i don't like filling my car up with petrol as it's a waste of time.  my car has one of those displays that tells you how far you've got left petrol-wise.  mine said i had 50 miles to go on monday morning and seeing as my commute was less than 30 miles, and there was a petrol station near my office, i thought i'd be ok.  but i hadn't allowed for the fact that the display may lie.

so as i drove my 30 miles, the distance to empty meter dropped quicker and quicker, and when i got to the petrol station i only had 6 miles to go.  i then spent over 50 of our earth pounds filling it back up again.


how exciting was that story ?  funkypancake is getting more like a regular blog, and for that i can only apologise.



just in case you were wondering, i've now walked over 11,689 (7,246 miles) since i started measuring my daily walking on the 2nd February 2004. That's an average of 65km/week. or something.

another day off last wednesday so jane and i went on a walk in crazies hill. here is penny lane


unfortunately the book was a bit vague and we got quite lost and went off the side of the map by quite a distance (we discovered later). this sign helped us find our way back on track.


it was a jolly nice place. you should go.




jane and i did a lovely walk in Hambleden yesterday which was great and covered all your essential inland walking requirements - dense wood, flowing hills, fields full of sheep, a short walk alongside a main road and a stretch alongside the thames before arriving back at the free carpark next to a pub. fantastic stuff.

hambleden is a picturesque place often used for filming. We did the circular walk downloadable here. it's only the walk which is downloadable. you still have to walk it yourself.


well, it's another 10,000 celebration here on funkypancake. last wednesday i passed the 10,000 km walking mark since I started keeping a daily record of my walking distances in 2nd February 2004

from london that would get me to paraguay, thailand, vietnam, macau or cambodia.


my knees have become quite painful of late which i've put down to more driving rather than the walking, but you never know. You can see the effect of my recent job change on the graph. Over the last 2 months my average weekly walking has been nearer 40km than 75km.



as you know, i've been measuring my peds with my pedometer since February 2004. And earlier this week i passed the 5000 mile / 8000 kilometre mark !


if i'd done all that walking in a straight line from London i would have got as far as Beijing ! Instead i've been going round in circles and ended up back where i started.

i missed the fact i'd done my 7,000th blog post on monday. ooops. hoorah belatedly and thanks for continuing to visit !

also, i passed the 4000 mile mark on my walking measurements last week.


i'm still thinking about what to do for my 400th birthday on the 1st December. i'll be in brussels on the day itself, but i'm sure we should do something blogwise.

last week i passed the 6000km mark based on my weekly pedometer recordings (which started february 2004). i'm currently averaging 80km/week.

Assuming i'd started in london and could walk directly that would have got me to (and beyond) the United Arab Emeriates, Bermuda, Ethiopia or Washington DC and i should reach Pakistan some time this week.

Not far to go until i'm at Congo. (see here for city distance calculator)


just in case you were wondering, i passed the 3,000 mile mark this week. this is the distance i've walked since records began (71 week ago).

click for big

i've been keeping a track of how far i've walked each week, and more recently, each day, for the last 60 weeks. And yesterday i passed the 4000km mark.

my knees hurt.

click for statistical bigness

which reminds me, it's not long now until the London Marathon on the 17th April.

if you haven't sponsored me yet, would you consider making an online donation via my justgiving webpage ? you can use your credit card (even if you're not based in the UK).

Currently i've raised 1,121.81 but i'd like to hit 1,500 if possible for Outward Bound. thanks to all those who've sponsored me so far !

and here's my new banner ad (for those who view the page using the rdf feed and don't see my sidebar):

tonight is a celebration. it's been exactly one year since i started studiously measuring my weekly walking distances.

so, i can tell you that in the last 52 weeks i've walked 3,296 km (about 2000 miles i think). It might actually have been a bit further than that i suffered from a malfunction just after christmas !

2000 miles from london would take you to quite far away. you could have literally moments of fun trying to work out where i could have got to from london (or your favourite local grid reference) by using this fancy thing.

My weekly average is 65km, although since i started my marathon training it's jumped to 75km/week.

which brings me back to my begging question - will you please sponsor me for the marathon ? (thanks to those who've already sponsored!)


** please sponsor me **

i've just had my place confirmed for this year's London Marathon.


i've committed to raise 1,500 for the Outward Bound Trust

i'll do more of an appeal in a few weeks time, but those who wish to sponsor me now can go to my justgiving page.

i consider myself a lazy non-sporty type, so this is going to prove very interesting !

here's a sad thing. my friend, the pedometer, died on friday. the cheap plastic hinge hinged its last.

since i commenced my measuring in february this year i've walked around 2957km. It's not an exact science of course but this equates to over 3.6 million steps.

If the hinge had lasted another week it probably would have broke the 3,000km mark. but it didn't.

jane's letting me borrow her pedometer this week until i get a replacement so i can continue measuring.


here is the chart of my travels:

the average cost of my doc marten boots is now just over 2pence/km and i average 64.3km/week (around 80,000 steps per week).

as you know, i walk a lot. so here are some walking facts for you:

1) last week was my furthest walking week at 112.96km
2) i installed a pedometer on to my trousers about the same time i started wearing my new boots (around 2nd feb - i had a month of occasionally wearing them before retiring my old ones)
3) since i installed my pedometer i've walked 2080 km
4) i average exactly 65km / week
5) my boots currently cost me 2.9 pence per km.


great news. i've managed to walk to paris. i walked over 80km last week. marvellous. last time i updated you was here if you want to check back on my progress.