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after a year and a quarter of car commuting i think i consider it my main method of transport which is a real shame as i'm a dedicated walker.  according to my statistics i walk on average 63km / week. 

last week was a particularly car intensive week and i only walked 24km which is the lowest since i started recording my walking distances every day on the 2nd February 2004.  Since then i've walked 15,460,260km.

anyway, i don't like filling my car up with petrol as it's a waste of time.  my car has one of those displays that tells you how far you've got left petrol-wise.  mine said i had 50 miles to go on monday morning and seeing as my commute was less than 30 miles, and there was a petrol station near my office, i thought i'd be ok.  but i hadn't allowed for the fact that the display may lie.

so as i drove my 30 miles, the distance to empty meter dropped quicker and quicker, and when i got to the petrol station i only had 6 miles to go.  i then spent over 50 of our earth pounds filling it back up again.


how exciting was that story ?  funkypancake is getting more like a regular blog, and for that i can only apologise.


Matts Author Profile Page said:

I can see why this is disappointing.

I think that you are actually a public menace, since in order to have walked 15.4 million kilometres since 2004 - and assuming only 12 hours walking per day - your average speed is 941km/h.

I am guessing that in London you will be slightly slower, but please let me know when you will be walking at that speed in my area so I can get out of the way!

In this context, we - the readership incapable of walking faster than 100km/h - feel privileged that you have shared a "regular blog" style post with us.

Matts Author Profile Page said:

Doh - I was so busy writing the smart-ass bit of my post I forgot my point! :-)

Which is - is this another example of technology allegedly being beneficial to us but turning out to be quite the reverse?

It's this sort of thing that makes people technophobic!

lunagirls Author Profile Page said:

Hopefully you weren't driving while talking the photo! Kathleen

lunagirls Author Profile Page said:

Another thought - why is your car (IN BRITAIN) indicating miles instead of kilometers????

funkypancake Author Profile Page said:

glad you pointed that out matts. it was actually 15 million STEPS. total distance is 7,764 miles !

lunagirls: yup. i was parked up at the petrol station !

funkypancake Author Profile Page said:

lunagirls: we use miles in the uk. and we drive on the right side of the road (leftwardly speaking)

Vin said:

Ah, but if the display WAS lying, then you could have had MORE than 6 miles' worth left. I would guess they are made to err on the pessimistic side: "my tank is half empty" rather than "my tank is half full".

Vin said:

If you get stopped for walking (running?) at 588mph in a 20mph zone you can always blame it on a faulty pedometer.

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