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there's a definite feel to 'wrapping up' when i go in to london these days, so it's fantastic when i see some old familiar themes interpreted in new ways.

one such thing is the strange habit of the large posters in paddington station having Page numbers !  there really can be no reason for it.  and that is why we love them so.



page 14 of the numbered paddington station signs


paddingtson station has a bizarre sign policy which involves page numbers on their signs.  it was great to see a new page 3 spread


this is a classic paddington station sign with a page number (page 12) but also a fantastic explanation of why the escalator is shut for those who want to know more (gear-drive has been removed).  even the 'lift on your left' is really helpful.

well done nick hartnell, station manager.  i salute you and your signs


plenty more paddington station page numbered signs, including page number 01 (the railway byelaws of 2001 would make a great front page for any book)


and the one on the bottom left below is interesting.  This is the second sign with a photo on it, but the photo is over the page number.  What IS going on with these page numbers ?



for those who haven't been following the page thing, most of the posters at Paddington Station seem to have page numbers on at the bottom left hand side. 



the giant wordy poster signs at Paddington Station are often numbered. here is page 75.

this sign would work well for popular double glazers too.


yesterday was a bad day for people flying, but if things had been different it could have been a lot worse.

anyway, at Paddington station (where you can get trains to Heathrow airport) they had put up this sign with lots of words in capital letters so you didn't miss it.

but look down on the bottom left - it's Page 1 of the numbered sign book !


(my internet connection is doing the bad thing at the moment so i'm having to raid some emergency unpublished entries i've stored up for this eventuality ! - it's all new, but sometimes a bit old if you see what i mean)


we've got a run of numbered signs since we already have page 71 and page 73


this is quite up to the usual numbering standards as the number is stuck on the outside of the glass. but it's nearly the same isn't it ?

DSC01633.jpg DSC01634.jpg

DSC01635.jpg DSC01636.jpg

i had a meeting in london last night so came back through paddington station. as you know i always look out for the giant posters which have page numbers, and i noticed that this one, page 56, also appeared without its page number.

i wondered if this was the missing link which would reveal the reason behind the sign page numbering ?



whilst spending my many hours at Paddington station the other night i spotted this numbered sign i hadn't seen before.


having taken photos of most of the numbered signs in paddington station it turns out all the signs in the entrance hall of tottenham court road tube station are numbered too !

here is number 11, 12 and 13
a-DSC00239-12.jpg a-DSC00238-13.jpg



the other side has been edited subtlely

i've been collecting photos of the posters in paddington station which all seem to have page numbers on. The posters are usually huge (A0 sized ?) so they must be from a very big book.

however, this one was A4 sized ('legal' page size minus a bit if you're not from round these parts). what can it mean



as a reminder, it seems that many of the Paddington Station posters have page numbers on, suggesting there's some giant book of posters somewhere. i haven't seen any new ones for a while so it was a delight to see page 10.


it's page 89 and what a page it is.

Lawn Lift Scenic Lift. It's all happening.


here is poster number 46. it asks us to report anything we see which is suspicious which i think is quite wide-reaching.

scanners are coming to my station next month so there's no doubt plenty of photo opportunities to be had soon !



for those new to funkypancake you may not know that i collect numbered posters. this started when i noticed that each poster in paddington train station had a page number on it.

i've never seen the book that these giant pages (about A0 size i think) come from, but we have seen a number 57 before, but it looked slightly different. Probably a different book.

and this one is page number 5 which is quite intriguing. must be a new book.


here's page 76 of the paddington station sign book in the streets behind the station.

i'm still surprised to see new numbered signs at paddington, so i was delighted to see all these different Page 160s in Paddington yesterday on New Year's Eve.

click to individual pictures to see slightly bigger versions which are still too small to read

i thought i'd seen the last of the numbered train signs at Paddington, but this morning i spotted page 6 !


well, i thought they'd stopped doing the page numbers at paddington station, but it appears they haven't. which is great news.

page 100 on the leftis a bog standard one, but inspect page 22, on the right, more closely (by giving it a gentle click).

big brother is not only watching us, but it's watching them too.


we haven't had a numbered sign for a while. to be honest i'm a bit fearful for their future as a new breed of numberless signs have started appearing all over Paddington Station.

it's the new management i recon. but i'll keep looking. here's one i found today. it's page 135


here is another page 5. this one also refers to the new LED displays, but rather than sending you to Burger King, it refers to you to platforms 6/7.






another sign pointing to the illusive platform 9


one advantage of having a bonus two hours in paddington was spotting two new numbered signs

DSC02417.jpg DSC02418.jpg

just when i thought i wasn't going to see any more numbered signs in paddington station i saw this. it's page 123.


pages 57 and 136
DSC02029.jpg DSC02035.jpg

pages 85 and 78
DSC02033.jpg DSC02034.jpg

page 44

another paddington train station sign with a page number. page 30 this time.

it's interesting to note there is a glove thief about in paddington station. it's not me. i only take photos of gloves.

DSC01870.jpg DSC01870number.jpg

and here is one with a number which was too far to get to. but i will track it down and find its number:



here is something very interesting. it's ANOTHER page 150 but looks different from the previous page 150.


i was delighted to spot two more pages from the Paddington Station sign book this morning.

Interestingly there was another page behind page number 93, but the paper was just to thick to read its number and message.

DSC01682.jpg DSC01683.jpg
DSC01682number.jpg DSC01683number.jpg

here is a sign i saw in paddington station this morning.

this sign must be a temporary measure until the engineers come to mend the escalators. yet it's been professionally produced. it would have probably been quicker to mend the escalator.


then i noticed it said 'page 150' on the bottom left hand corner. i suspect there is a giant book of very specific signs issued to train station managers and they just wrip out the relevant page.

that book must be massive. i shall endeavour to find other pages from this book and report them to you as and when.