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i was trying to think of a pun around the word 'motion'.  something like 'this isn't much good if you suffer from motion sickness'.  dunno.  can you do better ?


by the way, it should now be easier to leave comments, although you might have to re-register.  have a go and let me know how you get on.


Vin said:

I don't want to strain too hard, as I'm rather tired from signing in again. My user name was already taken (by me) so I had to use a different one, but I was able to keep my display name the same, which was handy.

funkypancake Author Profile Page said:

yup. sorry about the logging in for comments thing. i've been trying to work out why things are failing :-(

we're in a strange between place at the moment of being half upgraded. hopefully i'll get it sorted fairly soon, and the answer does seem to be to re-register for commenting.

it's a pile of poop

rascle Author Profile Page said:

I havn't found signing on a problem.
It is 2 extra clicks to flip on to the old Typekey logon, with name and password unchanged.

shorely Author Profile Page said:

Yeah, rascle's right. You don't need to re-register. You just need to choose to log-in through Typekey.

the_exile Author Profile Page said:

Like Vin, I re-registered (apparently unnecessarily) but I was very relieved to finally be able to have a movement in the right direction.

shorely said:

I was going to post this comment on the relevant blog entry, but it seems that, since the great switch-over occurred, you can no longer comment on old posts?! I shall post this here instead...
- Dear FP, if you ever a need a 'front page' image to sum-up all that is funkypancake, then I'd like to nominate this witty classic! ('signs (no parking)' on 08 Sep '07) Do you have any all time favourites?

funkypancake Author Profile Page said:

wow. you did well even to be able to access the archives. funkypancake is hanging together like a wobbly tooth about to fall our of a child's mouth. comments/archives/everything seems to be a bit broke !

it's on my to do list.

as for my favourites, i put the favourites of each month on my flickr stream (accessible on the right from the main blog page).

when i get things working again i'll point you at a few of my actual favourite favourites !

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