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so, after weeks of dorset, a week of athens and a weekend of vienna, i finally started my new job proper (and my new car arrived yesterday)

so far commuting by car means i walked 2km rather than my usual 12km/day. And i took rather no photos rather than the usual 10-20 photos a day.


still, i've got plenty of photos from the last few months adventures stored up and i'll take plenty more at weekends and my less occasional trips to london, so no need to worry ! And the job itself is fantastic, so all is good.


jokey said:

congratulations! and thanks for the MANY bollards, my kind-of-favorite-subject.

Would you mind to explain what is your new job?

funkypancake Author Profile Page said:

i don't really like to discuss the content of my work on the blog.

however, i've just updated the FAQ to give you a bit more of a clue:

jokey said:

just found your elaborated faqs - fine! thanks!

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