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i'm changing my job (sort of) and with it my work location. as a result i (have attempted) to cash in my season ticket.

i've been travelling the same route for over 9 years i think and must have spent over £20,000 with the train company which is a nice way to pay for delays and crushes and misery. cheap at half the price.


anyway, i went to my local station and they said i needed to take my ticket back to Paddington. So i did and they took my ticket away and i said, "thanks, can i have the cash back (i'm expecting £594)"

and he said "nope, we have to send it off, goodbye" and i said "oh, when can i expect the money"

and he said "up to 20 working days" and i said "oh, cuz the money would be good as i want to buy a car for my commute"

and he said "we have to send it off, goodbye" and i said "well, can you tell me how much it will be when it comes through" and he said "nope, sorry, that's their job" and that was the end of that.

so i walked away and then thought "oh no" and ran back to my man and said "i hope you don't mind me asking, but how am i meant to get home this evening, you've just taken my season ticket away"

and he said "oh, do you want me to reissue it to you" and i said "nope, i want a refund"

and he said "well you'll have to buy a ticket" and i said "but that one is still valid today, it's just you've got it and i haven't". He was obviously an unempowered train droid so i had to buy a £10.50 ticket to get home.

I shall be writting a letter (except there isn't an address on anything they've given me so i don't know where to send it!)

how outrageous. i'll keep you informed how i get on. i suspect i'm not going to be happy. still, at least i've set my expectations low !

bloomin' first great western

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