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we continued our walk down the Thames Path yesterday. You may remember that last week's 12 miles were cut short because of kezia misery, so we picked up the walk where we left it - kemble train station.

at this stage the thames is just a small stream and incredibly clear.

wooden bridges provided plenty of opportunities for pooh sticks

the thames continues to snake round the edge of fields. here a telegraph pole spans the width

And near our destination it starts doing some fancy corner-work through some little wooded areas

Unfortunately kezia was ill again and her misery brought our journey to an end at keynes country park

so, we'll pick the walk up again at somerford keynes in a few weeks time when we've next got a free weekend for walking. at this rate we should get it finished by the time the girls leave secondary school !

(and we got rained on lots)


jokey said:

never mind - everybody is asked to drive carefully through the village, so, i am sure also to walk carefully ... goog luck next time!

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