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i've been on a voice call all morning. whilst chatting i noticed some disquiet outside my office window. it was harry and the drinks machine man.

apparently there had been a mix up with plastic cups. can you BELIEVE this kind of thing can happen in the modern world.

luckily our man Harry spotted the problem and everything is alright again now.

here is 'harry two cups' with the vexatiously varient vessels:


sharrow said:

So was it the prospect of an over-filled small cup, or an under-filled big cup?

Mase said:

Fortunately for me in my office we have young attractive female office juniors who attend to our drinks machines! No one has spotted the fact the keys to open the machine door have been discarded on top of the machine! Being tall I noticed this straight away and tried them out. It's just a shame our drinks machine's are free otherwise I'd be scamming the system! On another note I could always swap the cups inside around so that people get Oj instead of tea and coffee instead of water..

Harry said:

It was the prospect of the cups jamming and me getting *no* coffee which was the most disturbing.

On second thoughts, looking at that picture, perhaps less coffee might mean I could look a little more sane....

funkypancake said:

i'm glad you mentioned that last point !

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