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men's slalom was probably my favourite to watch. the sun was great and with my zoomy lens i could watch the skiier coming down the hill far away

i loved their handbreak turns at the bottom


david said:

Wow - that looks really good fun.

Did you manage to catch any of the curling? Thought that you might have had a look, after your coaching in Kent from the previous olympic gold medal winners! They were not quite so fortunate this time, but the UK men did really well to come 4th.

funkypancake Author Profile Page said:

i 'only' got to go to three events - speed skating, downhill slalom and the mad hill jumping thing (official title i think).

everything was organised for us so we just had to wake up, get in the coach, get off the coach, watch the event, eat 12 courses in fantastic Italian or French restaurants, get back on the coach, get off the coach, sleep, get up again etc.

so no curling for me.

but it was fantastic !

Vin said:

"handbreak" turns? They sound painful.

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