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here are I and a robot. we am standing there. i finded him in the bins and he was taped together. aren't he lovely ?

clickety for bigness


michelle said:

this has nothing to do with the fantastic robot, but i was wondering if you ate pancakes yesterday?

funkypancake said:

i didn't eat pancakes because:

1) i'm allergic (or at least highly intollerant) to eggs


2) i didn't get home until nearly 7pm so missed family tea-time.

it's interested that since i've started regularly leaving home at 5.45am to get to work early i've also ended up getting home later more often too.

i suspect it's something to do with symmetry of working hours around lunch or something.

Brad said:

You're shorter than a robot! Nah, nah, nahnah, naaah!

funkypancake said:

indeed, and that's why doing the marathon will be very tricky.

which is why everyone should go and sponsor me right away !

Maxx Author Profile Page said:

Why is there tape all over your body? Weird...

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