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matt, my colleague and website landlord, today was also a timelord as he married his fincy, nancy (also a work colleague) in a dr who theme'd wedding. it was a fantastic thing with great people, a great place and great dr who props. we really enjoyed ourselves.

there was a police box, a dalek and K9. and people dressed up as people.

DSC03070.jpg DSC03071.jpg
DSC03084.jpg DSC03087.jpg

the dalek (and K9) were remote controlled by a suspicious man who was running up and down outside the windows trying to see what was happening with his dalek which was joining in the boogying on the dancefloor.

DSC03079.jpg DSC03081.jpg
DSC03068.jpg DSC03076.jpg

update: see here for newspaper coverage !


Tony said:

Who did you dress up as? I'd like to have seen Jane as Leela!

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