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i went to the Royal Automobile Club in Pall Mall for a meeting this afternoon.

The Royal Automobile Club club is one of those historic gentlemen's club things which were very popular with the upper classes in years gone by. The people who were running the presentation i was attending had hired a room on the 1st floor.

I arrived at the same time as about 10 of my colleagues. As i walked in a very nice waiter/bouncer chap approached me and in front of everyone asked if i had a jacket. i replied i didn't (preferring shirt/tie/suit trousers with jumper rather than jacket). he then said "sorry, you have to wear a jacket to get in".

ooops. luckily he had one in his jumble sale box which i borrowed. i felt like the kid at school who forgot his sports kit. he said i could take it off as soon as i got to the room. i got a few remarks about the jacket, which matched one of the other attendees normal jacket !

here is me wearing the borrowed jacket in the men's toilets and below it and the communal comb and hair brushes provided for club members to brush their receeding hairlines (i decided not to try them out):



why did i call this item RAC IQ ? because i wasn't smart enough.

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