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i don't know about you (actually I don't know anything about you, except maybe your IP address and some other techy details from the access logs), but i like to have nonsense arguments with my wife. (perhaps i should just ask my wife if she has nonsense arguments with anyone else. that would save all the waffle above).

anyway, last night, over the tea table (we have a different table for every meal - it makes cleaning up easier as you can just clean up the day's debris from the various tables at the end of the day), jane and i were discussing the potential opportunities around the house for our children to injure themselves.

this wasn't a real argument, we were just being hypothetical in a comedy kind of way. esther and kezia looked on in their usual bemused way.

we join the climax of our conversation as it homes in on one key issue: leaving stuff in the hallway at night so the kids find it in the morning.

(Not that our children every come downstairs on their own in the morning anyway, but there we go)

jane: "well you leave guns and chemical weapons at the bottom of the stairs"

dave: "well you leave razor blades and knives everywhere"

jane: "well you leave lit bonfires and petrol in the house when you go to bed"

dave: "well you leave bonfires too, AND thousands of lit fireworks"

esther: "don't be silly daddy, you can't have fireworks in the house."

dave: "very true esther. i must have got that wrong"

esther: "you probably meant roadworks"

dave: "you know what esther, i probably did"


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