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drummers are funny people. but everyone knows that. here is the holiday club drummer.

bass players and drummers have to be telepathetic ... he's got a telly and i'm pathetic. [joke to be removed by quality control at a later date].
drummist copy.jpg


Pedantic said:

No such word as drummist

funkypancake said:

fair point. thankyou.

the drummer said:

I think there is a conspiracy against drummers/drummists/drummaires/drummedaria (that's a drummer with only two drums - or is that ine drum?, anyway, there is a conspiracy perpetuated by bass guitarists who wish their plectrae (plural for plectrum) were drumsticks!

funkypancake said:

you are just jealous because your electronic drumkit simply functions on 12 volts (DC) whereas my bass amplifier positively thrives on a direct 240 volts (AC).

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