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filming archives


there's always something or other going on in london.  last week i walked past this which was some filming of someone dangling off the edge of the Royal Festival Hall.  the chap at the bottom was called 'professor' but that's all i can tell you about what it is (due to my ignorance rather than some secret)


live on stage.  not the film!


ooops - apologies. i uploaded about 200 pictures which will spill out over the next couple of weeks, but it looks like i accidentally republished some photos from last month in addition. hopefully that won't happen again. this is a nice photo anyway though so you might not mind it being a (rare) repeat !

i discovered that they are filming spooks here (which i also saw yesterday). this time it was the red watering cans which caught my eyes before i remembered the film crew which were hiding round the corner.

there's always filming all over london (that's a complete over exageration), and i sometimes wonder if i'm in that film with Jim Carrey where he wasn't funny. which narrows it down to .... all of them. only joking. or am i.

anyway, here is some filming of something. or. other.