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Sunday 06 Jul 03

dog waste

another sign with a dog on it. notice how the person has not bent their knees to pick up the waste. The dog looks eager to get away before any serious back injuring is sustained

Posted by funkypancake on 06 Jul 03

Saturday 05 Jul 03

dog and kid waste bin

this has a feel of infinity (binfinity maybe). it's on a dog poo bin and seems to requesting kids' waste too.
in the picture the grown up looks like they are carrying a box with themselves and the kid and dog in. or perhaps it's a portable tv showing a video of themselves.
whatever, it's a mirror within a mirror within a mirror or real life don't you think ?

Posted by funkypancake on 05 Jul 03

Monday 30 Jun 03

dog signs

i have been taking pictures of dogs on signs for the last week to add to my blog in a new category called Signs (of dogs)
(i have a number pending publication - there is only so much you can do with a french keyboard in an Internet cafe with the euro-meter running).

incredibly, it seems that grahame is also collecting similar pictures for his blog. looky here now

i find it interesting that dog signs are so unique. a dog is a dog right ? where are the european sign conventions ?

i don't like dogs, but i do like signs about dogs.

Posted by funkypancake on 30 Jun 03

poo practice

here is a picture of a dog on a sign.
is the dog attempting to poo on the red cross ?
has it failed twice and hopes for a winning third poo ?
why is the cross steaming ?
i like the word 'poo'

Posted by funkypancake on 30 Jun 03