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i put this in the 'animals (people dress up)' category as i don't have a 'animals (dressed up as people)' category



adults dressed up as animals



this chap dropped out of a dressing up timewarp.  a disney reject from the 80s perhaps

i haven't got a category for 'people dressed up as landmarks' so i've used the animal (people dressed up) category instead

of course there were animals at the show too


and i loved how they covered a bull's head with rosettes. 


because you don't want to upset a bull by sticking things all over its face do you ?  note the slobber


there was a bird section


no one likes being called heavy.


ducks with a nice long necks.  i think they could do with some arms stuck on the sides of their bodies


this was a bit unfortunate.  it was a cage with something hidden under some sawdust. no one likes a loser


there were some more serious birds outside


this little barn owl brought his barn owl caravan

and he was keeping an eye on me


here is a sign i can agree with.


and some of the animals seemed slightly larger than life



i spent some of the day in my old office yesterday which was very nice.  it meant i got to see some great london sights, including this chap dressed as a random animal

080302_350d_img_2854.jpg 080302_350d_img_2857.jpg

080302_350d_img_2860.jpg 080302_350d_img_2863.jpg




nothing to do with art prizes.  just genuine bears greeting visitors.



ok - so this isn't exactly an animal dressed up as a person (or vice-versa), but it's still a person dressed up (i think). and he/she has some cute moves to make their blackberry sweetness shine through.



why is miffy's mouth sewed up ? i've been wondering that for the last 34 years (roughly)

i haven't seen many people dressed up as animals for ages, so i was delighted to see this chap yesterday

there wasa rabbit in westminster yesterday afternoon interviewing people

what fun. probably.

rabbits don't belong on beaches

nor do people dressed in very warm costumes


squirrelling about outside st paul's tube station



i'll catch the armagedon zeitgeist by doing a post about bird flu. except this is simply another animal outside the glasses shop on tottenham court road. it seems they've stuck with the recent bird theme

i spotted this one from a restaurant where i was having a business lunch and kept an eye on it as i dinned. after i walked over to where it was standing and took this photo.

the bird itself looked a bit upset i thought (not to mention a bit beaten up), but then i noticed the crossed arms were built in and the hands were sticking randomly out. i took a leaflet and noticed that the hands were very nicely manicured and a lady's voice said 'thank you' very politely.

it definately wasn't the same person inside as before


the sermon at church yesterday was about what our attitude to sunday should be. you can read what was said here.

we're studying genesis at the moment - the Bible book, not the band, although 'genesis the early years' would be quite a cool sermon series, or how about Genesis BC (Before Collins).

but we've been learning lots on how God created the world as a cool place. hopefully you catch a bit of that excitement here on funkypancake.


anyway, sunday at mcdonalds is 'funday' apparently. so much fun in fact that they dressed one of their people up as a bear with a wonky face.

well, it seems the people of Tottenham Court Road suffered Parrot Fatigue and the effectiveness of the costume wore off. they've stuck with the bird theme though, so here we have an owl. (see the complete collection here)

here he is from the front

and here he is attracting a large crowd to the front

the parrot is obviously proving very successful as it's been around quite a lot the last few days

today our friend was a parrot. i didn't try to speak to him like last time though.

his boss probably greated him excitedly that morning and announced "what we've been missing is colour. today you're going to be a parrot".

the dressed up animal advertising is back outside the glasses shop on tottenham court road.

in the name of research i approach the animal (frog or dinosaur?) to ask if it was always the same person inside the array of animals we've seen in recent months.

a foreign voice said "speak slowerlier pleece"

i repeated myself slowerlier to pleece him.

he paused then said "sorry, i do not undertant".

i wonder if he understood what the job entailed when he took it ?

now with added apron


it just gets better and better. the costumes get more elaborate but the same broken spirit remains within them.

i've even started a new category for this.

the animal invasion of tottenham court road just keeps on getting better and better.

have they reached the magic formula by choosing a bear rather than their previous animals ? (or is it a tiger/lion - i'm no good at animals ?)

click picture for big

this bear's got attitude. and wasn't bothered who knew it

click picture for big

the monkey and the rabbit obviously didn't work out. but this chap looks like he's got a can of beer in his hand.

perhaps it's cider. or a jar of honey.


so, it didn't work out with the monkey. people don't trust them you see. and what's a monkey got to do with an glasses and contact lenses anyway ?

"don't worry about last week's sales, i've got a much better plan"
"are you sure ? that monkey thing was rubbish"
"absolutely. trust me. this can't go wrong"
"ok, what you got for me ?"
"a rabbit dressed up as a rabbit"

click to inspect his enthusiasm

inside this monkey suit are a couple of chimps.

we went in to town this morning to do some shopping. i went off with kezia to look at guitars and cool stuff whilst esther and jane did proper girl shopping for clothes etc.

kezia and i ended up being in a shopping centre where they were announcing that they were going to turn the christmas lights on and some celebrities were on the way.

so we waited. for 30 minutes. but nothing happened. despite it being past the allotted time. eventually we had to run to meet the others back at the train station.

apparently we were waiting for Bradley Walsh. but we didn't. So sorry about that.

here are some fairies getting dressed behind the tree and a giant bear giving out teeny weeny bears:
DSC04775.jpg DSC04780.jpg

here is the bradley walsh detonating device.