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this yellow bag was illuminated by the sun which amazingly wasn't lighting anything else.


it took me quite a bit of effort to expose the photo correctly, and all these photos are pretty much straight out of the camera


as i stood for a couple of minutes photoing the bag and the pub behind it someone came out of the pub and got something out of the bag


that's all i had to tell you about the bag.



airports are funny old things for many reasons. one thing is that people have all their important and most personal items (toothbrush, underpants etc) in their cases which they are carrying around with them.

this means, that if someone needs to get something out of their case (as seen here badly) or reduce their luggage weight they have to open them up and give everyone a view of their life.



i was a bit worried about the size of my hand baggage when arrived at heathrow for my flight to athens. i therefore decided to take evasive action and wrapped my normally very smart (ish) backpack up tightly in gaffer tape so it would definately fit the required dimensions. And it did.

Unfortunately i also wore my DM boots and spent an age in security undoing them and redoing them for their security scan !


this is now this





here's a fine quality suitcase. in the background you can see a hardware shop where i bought my mousetraps and next to that is the french sandwich shop where i buy my french sandwiches.



someone else's bag


click for big

i wonder about the long term implications of genetically modified plants and stuff. but, like seedless grapes, these modified foods do have some benefits.

here is another example of a convenience franken-fruit. it's a fruit tree which grows its fruit in to a carrier bag.

saves time picking and bagging it.

the bag contained some plums and some bananas, so the tree must be multi-tasking too.

brilliant stuff. next we'll have generic animals which can provide a variety of different meats (vegatarians can look back now).

DSC04950.jpg DSC04951.jpg

bags are brilliant for carrying stuff. that's why they are called carrier bags.

here are two bags carrying a plank of wood.