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bit too tired and rather too hot to do a proper blog post today i'm afraid, but just to say we had a fab time with bignoseduglyguy (above) and family yesterday during our first highly enjoyable kiwi christmas which involved much eating, swimming, drinking and laughing.



there were various excellent quotes from the day but my favourite was the made up answer to our joke creation. 

it helps if you know there's a road called the 'desert road' (one 's') in New Zealand.

i though there must be a joke in there somewhere and got us all to think of good answers to the joke question of "what driving offence could you be arrested for on the dessert road"

there were various great answers, but my favourite was "i was jelly frightened".  it made no sense at the time either but we laughed til the tears ran down our faces.





we were even able to meet a local celebrity chef !


i hope you all had fab christmases !

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