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inspired by a visit to the Andy Warhol exhibition i've decided to start a series of 'slow portraits'.  each will be around 4 minutes and consist of someone just looking at the camera as if posing for an old fashion photograph.  only small movements like twitches of the eyes reveal you are looking at a movie instead of a picture.  all sound will be removed.

the idea is that you should slow down and study the picture in more detail.  sort of forcing you to rediscover photographs like they used to be.

i'll see how i get on - it's a bit of an experiment.  i'll probably make a specific website for it once i've got a few more.

first up is bother-in-law kev


Sharon Author Profile Page said:

Just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed this "slow portrait". It made me do a little research on the Andy Warhol exhibition. A few years back, I ate at a restaurant in San Francisco that had several of these portraits on the walls in its dining room. If you do any more, you'll have to let your readers know.

funkypancake Author Profile Page said:

thanks sharon. i've now registered a domain to host them, so i'll need to start a 'factory' recording them ... i'll keep the blog posted on progress

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