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lunagirls said:

Is it just me or is this picture begging for more detail? Perhaps all will be explained as I scroll further. Do I understand that in Britain you must leave your tooth with the chemist??? In America, children leave them under their pillow.

funkypancake Author Profile Page said:

oh yes, forgot i hadn't explained things

kezia's tooth fell out and she put it in a little pot. and they went to the post office (which is also a chemist due to the random nature of the british postal system) and like any young person whose tooth has just popped out she took it along.

but then she dropped the pot in the chemist areas and the tooth went missing. they looked everywhere but it was nowhere to be seen (possibly exited in the bottom of someone's shoe perhaps).

kezia wrote an explanatory note to the tooth fairy who obviously went the extra mile to verify the story and see if she could find it. hence the note.

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