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at the risk of turning in to a normal blog, here's a story from our life.  jane's car broke down on the way back home yesterday and i drove out to meet them so she and the girls could go home in my car.  before they went we i walked up to a nearby garage and got some food to eat whilst i was waiting.  unfortunately i left my sandwich on the counter, which was a shame.

anyway, i sat in the boot for half an hour or so until the breakdown man turned up.  he asked me to open the bonnet and i fiddled about for a few minutes looking for the pully thing, before re-emerging and explaining that i was actually quite rubbish at cars, and would he mind doing it.  he pulled a lever directly in front of where i was sitting and opened the bonnet.

he looked at the car then quickly disconnected battery as he feared the car might set itself on fire !  perhaps sitting in the boot wasn't the best plan.  the car was loaded on to his van and plopped outside our house where it rests to this day (which is the same day as yesterday since this will be published tomorrow).

so there we go.  an actual story from the funkypancake household.


Vin said:

I see Jane's car has a roof-mounted speed camera. How does that work?

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