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Jen and Leo have kindly allowed me to post some pictures from our recent photo 'engagement' shoot thingbob around bracknell to celebrate their togetherness (and as an apology for not being brave enough to take their wedding photos!)


we started near one of the many underpasses.  as they posed a flourescent oomer-zoomer whizzed by much to everyone's delight


then we divided in to a bookshop for a photo with Lola


we looked a bald mannequins


and stood in front of signs with hidden wedding messages
080223_350d_img_2429.jpg 080223_350d_img_2435.jpg

jen ran in to iceland to stand by this sign, this time symbolising the courtship phase of their relationship.

and here's a wedding dress in the Oxfam shop window, worn by a green faced mannequin


and a giant diamond ring


and this was a bit weird from a perspective point of view.  they are standing above some goths.

we did do a few sensible shots too.


marriage is a journey etc.


and finally we ended in this beautiful garden.


we ended up with a couple of hundred shots, which i narrowed down to about a hundred which were ok.  these are just a selection.

thanks jen and leo for letting me experiment on you and being such good fun !

if anyone else would like a funkypancake photoshoot - let me know. it only takes an hour.
 reasonable prices apply (probably).

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