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it was quite wet and windy yesterday and i got a bit soggy walking from Paddington to BT Tower .  I remained mostly dry (and became a walking tourist attraction for japanese business men with cameras) thanks to my military style poncho.


when we arrived we went up for pastries and it was quite rainy, but the weather cleared up a bit by our second trip up at lunchtime.  I hadn't realised, but the the tower wobbles slightly in the wind - enough to feel slightly sea sick which was weird.


i'll post a couple of high res pictures soon so you can zoom in and have a look around a bit.


rascle Author Profile Page said:

You missed out the best picture: Walking tourist attraction FP in military style poncho.
We await a self portrait shot eagerly

rascle Author Profile Page said:

I love the top picture!
It oozes 'Je ne sai quoi'

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