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most of the days of my life are spent not going up BT Tower (as are most other people's), but yesterday was going to be an exception as i had a meeting at the bottom which was to be followed by lunch at the top. but unfortunately, the top of the building was commandeered by the people at top of the company and the big cheeses won, so we had lunch in a windowless room instead.

if you are interested in what i didn't see, see the bt tower category where you can see what i sawed when i sawed it before


rascle Author Profile Page said:

Not specially related to this picture, but ....
When you changed job, bought a car, and traded in your rail season ticket the rail company offered you a silly small amount of refund. You promiced to keep us informed as you argued for a sensible refund.
How did you get on??

funkypancake Author Profile Page said:

i can't remember the exact details, but i did get nearly what i asked for.

the refund was a courtesy gesture as they said they had lost my letter and hadn't looked at my case specifically.

i took that to mean they didn't want to set a precedent for other people claiming !

so, i either had to ask them to reopen my case (and risk them concluding the amount should have been lower) or go with what was offered.

so i cashed the cheque and now don't feel /quite/ so bad about the train company.

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