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tony2_IMG_3334.jpg tony2_IMG_3345.jpg
tony2_IMG_3347.jpg tony2_IMG_3348.jpg

photos by the great tony who has been a great camerist friend on our studio portrait photo course


Pewari Author Profile Page said:

Oh that's so very you ;)

That portrait course sounds fab - can I be nosey and ask where it was and how much? Would love to do something similar.

funkypancake Author Profile Page said:

it was at our local adult learning college. i can highly recommend it.

(i'll email you the exact one i went to - i don't want to give away my real world geographic location!)

Pewari Author Profile Page said:

Oh I quite understand :) The email will be great, thank you!

the_exile Author Profile Page said:

You appear (pic 4) to have learned to levitate - was that part of the course?

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