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we were privaledged enough to attend nephew James' baptism yesterday. It was a very jolly day and much fun was had.


james' new godfather jumped straight in to action by reading him the Church Times.


and here are three clergy types. only one of them is a proper vicar. can you guess which one ?


i also got to meet the chap who took the photo of the fantastic scary hassock


jokey said:

i guess it is the left one, because he looks so un-vicarish.

Cutetwirler Author Profile Page said:

I think the vicar is the one in the middle...

Any news on the Ixworth Hassock yet?

dennisthemenace said:

Yes! That's made my day.
From the un-vicarish one on the left - who is not a vicar!
Whereas of course Kev - the one on the right - does looks so much like a vicar that he must be.

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