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well, so much has been happening that i haven't caught on camera.

yesterday i spen the day with MPs and other industry good-bods at Portcullis House then a drinks reception at Number 11 downing street (just downstairs from where Tony lives - in fact we heard his kid running about).

of course modern security means you can't take photos etc which is how it should be.


hot-topic blunkett walked past whilst i was in portcullis house, but i suppose it is his office.

and i bumped in to Moira Stewart again close up in the street. i asked her if i could take her photo and she said "oh please don't" so i didn't but then we had to walk down the same small bit of street together for 20 seconds. just as we parted company she looked me in the eye and said "thank you very much for asking, i really appreciate that, have a good day". so i pass that on to you dear reader.

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