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yesterday i saw Paul Weller walking down Edgware Road. he was just stopping at a pedestrian crossing and before he started going over it i asked if i could take his picture. He didn't say anything but stepped back a bit and did this funny pose !

After i'd taken the photo and thanked him kindly he then stepped out on to the road and nearly got run over by a white transit van. luckily he spotted it in plenty of time and there was no real danger (in case his life assurance company are reading this).

if he had been run over i would have gone down in history as one of the great celebrity deceasors. i'm not really thinking mark chapman, probably more like the chap who planted the tree which eventually got Marc Bolan.

still, paul weller is a proper celebrity int 'e ?


Maxx Author Profile Page said:

Oh man, I don't believe this...

You met The Man and almost killed him... I'm shocked.

Andy said:

Top celebity spot Funky!!!

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