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this is the last week where i'm effectively doing my old job (although my new job is mostly the same as i'll just be working in the strategy team of the company that bought the company i did work for, and it'll be based in their office further outside london).

Due to the location change, and the fact i'll be driving to work, celebrity spots in the street like this might become rarer, we'll have to see. I'm going to reduce the amount of photos i post daily just in case the photo pool runs dry (although i've got a store of around 1000 unposted photos ready to go)

Anyway, here's philip scoffield and fern cotton Britton from This Morning




jokey said:

congratulations! and a very good start!
will we not see new bollards???

funkypancake Author Profile Page said:

dunno. i'll still be coming in to london lots, so we'll just have to see !

jokey said:

you did! and we do.

pactans Author Profile Page said:

Do Phil and Fern always share the same facial expressions? And with their heads are at the same angle! (as shown up by the jaunty photo)

funkypancake Author Profile Page said:

i think tney are contractually obliged

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