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we're now half way through our church kids holiday club and much fun is being had. and it's a good excuse to post this picture which i took ages ago, but have been waiting until a good excuse to post it !


leE said:

I remember seeing that model of Strat in that design and colour on my bedroom wall when I was younger and guitar obsessed.

Sorry, that was a bit random :)

Vin said:

I believe that guitar was designed by the Rev. Ian Paisley.

rascle Author Profile Page said:

You omit to mention that that that psychodelic guitar belongs to your lovely wife Jane: alias Mrs FP

Vin said:

Is the axe what you might call "de Fender of the Faith"?

rascle Author Profile Page said:

That is definitely Funky Pancake level humour Vin!
I love it.

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