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if this blog is not about photographic evidence, then what is it about ? well, yesterday i saw 2, possibly 3 celebrities, all close up and i got NO photos !

the first one was possibly Alan Davies sitting outside Starbuck. He was deliberately obscuring his face by looking down with his hair dangling. i'd give it a 70% chance of being him.

about 5pm i walked past James Dean Bradfield who was standing talking on his phone, with his guitar in a case and a bottle of beer on a windowsill. it was only when i was round the corner that i realised who he was (and then checked his website for a photo). no photo there either.

Finally, i was on a work call whilst walking up Marylebone High Street and i walked past Rich Hall (who has a very small head) dragging a wheely suitcase. Again, it was definately him as i heard him talk to a shop keeper, but because i was on a call, i couldn't stop to ask him if i could take his photo (even if i'd managed to do a one hand photo take).


So, instead, here's a picture of my lovely wife jane, who has been generally feeling very down in the dumps the last few days. so perhaps this will cheer her up. she's better than any celebrity picture in my onion anyway.


rascle Author Profile Page said:

We are sad to hear that the lovely Mrs FP is under the weather. we hope it is nothing serious, and she will soon be funking again.
Send her loads o' love.

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