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Andy said:

Oh come on Funky ... is this a test of our faith?

funkypancake Author Profile Page said:

let's look at the facts:

i was walking down whitehall when 4 police motorbikes zoomed out of Downing Street with their sirens a blairing (already a hint).

then a few of these blacked out cars zoomed through the downing street gates and this one was in the middle, followed by some more police bikes.

as i walked past the entrants to Downing Street there were various tourists smiling like mad people and talking to the security guards in an excited way.

so i recon is was mr t blair.

i bumped in to him a cherie a few years back not long after he'd been elected back in the days when he'd go walkabouts after a meeting.

i managed to get myself trapped in a small square by westminster abbey as the police had moved a barrier i was next to to create a little 'island'. cherie and tone's then walked along shaking people's hands before walking next to where i was standing.

that would never happen these days. back then all we were worried about was the death of diana.

Matts said:

This has got me thinking!

I encountered a Range Rover just like that on the Wendover bypass a few days ago. I went to overtake it, but the driver moved over and blocked my path (the bypass is a very wide single-carriageway - with cooperation it is possible to overtake during oncoming traffic).

Thinking it was some silly woman on a school run I put my foot down, thus slightly exceeding the 60mph limit, and blue lights started flashing on the Range Rover!

Given that this occurred less than 5 miles away from Chequers, I'm now thinking it might've been the Prime Minister I was illegally overtaking!

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