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for once i used my smell checker on a post and it accused me of writting in Danish which i thought was telling (double dutch perhaps ?)



Domicat said:

This did make me giggle FP!

I do sometimes wonder if your misspellings are deliberate (m and p are miles apart on my keyboard!), I mean this is just so funny on so many levels! Using your "smell" checker on a "post" about dogs?

My dog uses his "smell" checker on every available (lamp)post and tree when we are out and about!! Then again, he pees on them all too, but that is another story!

Oh and one more thing, "writing" only has one "t" (sorry!)

Keep on misspelling FP, we love your web-site all the more for it!! :)

funkypancake Author Profile Page said:

thanks domicat. some of my mispellings are deliberate. i can't always tell which ones though.

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