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here's my first official podcast. it's not as good as the demo one, but i'm sure i'll learn how to use the software eventually !

video podcast
ipod version (9.4MB): m4v ipod version (use quicktime or itunes to play)
mp4 version (7.4MB): mp4 version for windows (use quicktime)
wmv version (3MB):windows media player version

let me know if you have any problems playing them.


darren Author Profile Page said:

A work of true genius! Thanks for putting that together.

rascle Author Profile Page said:

We've had "comment on the mundane": Now we have "commentary on the mundane".
We eagerly await the next thrilling instalment, on the next thrilling category.
A little more projection in the voice please, I suspect you spoke quietly next to a microphone in a small room.

funkypancake Author Profile Page said:

i spoke quietly as i'm quietly spoken. or something.

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