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michelle sent me this sign which she spotted in Fielding Park, Sudbury, Ontario. which is in canada i think.



michelle Author Profile Page said:

isn't there a sudbury in england somewhere too? i think this one was named after that one. there's one in massachusetts as well.

Andy said:

A Google Earth search for Sudbury showed me a field outside Buckingham. Then another Sudbury near Harrow in London (Nice picture of a railway line and some typical English terraced houses. Go have a look Michelle)

michelle Author Profile Page said:

thanks andy!

Matts said:

Yes, there's a Sudbury on the outskirts of Harrow.

I've been there a couple of times. The standout occasion was when I went there for a school cricket match which had to be suspended due to a pitch invasion by the neighbouring gypsies.

It made the game somewhat more interesting.

darren Author Profile Page said:

Actually, the biggest Sudbury in the UK is a town in Suffolk! Never been there, though.

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