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as you know, i've been measuring my peds with my pedometer since February 2004. And earlier this week i passed the 5000 mile / 8000 kilometre mark !


if i'd done all that walking in a straight line from London i would have got as far as Beijing ! Instead i've been going round in circles and ended up back where i started.


BW Author Profile Page said:

That's really interesting. Makes me want to get a pedometer. How far do you walk each day on a normal commute?

funkypancake Author Profile Page said:

a normal commute is 12 km from leaving home in the morning to getting back in the evening.

but i don't do my normal commute every day.

on average i've been doing just more than 70km a week, but it went up to above 85km a week when i was training for the marathon last year.

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