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knowing right from wrong xcan be tricky, but knowing which is your right and which is your left even trickier.

esther came up with this great trick for remembering and we decided to share it with you here in case you need to teach anyone else (particularly school children) how to remember which side is left and which side is right.

esther made this up (at least she claims she did). you start by putting your hands in front of you with your thumbs pointing towards the middle and your first finger pointing in the air, like so.


you then look at your own hands and the one which forms an 'L' shape is the left hand one. brilliant !


Tony Author Profile Page said:

Hmm. Catherine learnt the same at school.

Also I've heard barn dance callers use this to teach wayward dancers their left and right.

funkypancake Author Profile Page said:

oh well. seems she's not the genius we thought afterall.

still, i hadn't heard it before and i'm always getting it wrong, so it's helped me !

and still that's pretty darn clever!

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