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the sermon at church yesterday was about what our attitude to sunday should be. you can read what was said here.

we're studying genesis at the moment - the Bible book, not the band, although 'genesis the early years' would be quite a cool sermon series, or how about Genesis BC (Before Collins).

but we've been learning lots on how God created the world as a cool place. hopefully you catch a bit of that excitement here on funkypancake.


anyway, sunday at mcdonalds is 'funday' apparently. so much fun in fact that they dressed one of their people up as a bear with a wonky face.


Domicat said:

I totally agree that God created the world to be a fun place! Just look at all the funny people, animals, plants he put here!!

Funkypancake does show us a lot of this, thank you!!

But I am also really liking the Genesis BC idea :)

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