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Telemachos Author Profile Page said:

I am very impressed by your collection of photos of lost gloves. I have been fascinated for a long time by gloves lying around town in streets, squares and alleys, or on lawns or in bushes for that matter. So are you I presume. You can find a collection of my gloves on:
I believe your finding places are somewhere in the UK, is that right? I find my gloves mainly in my hometown of Rotterdam (in fact: this could be Rotterdam, or anywhere, Liverpool or Rome) but I have found gloves in Auckland, New Zealand an Stockholm and Orebro, Sweden also. I ride around on a bicicle a lot and that's how I find most of the gloves. But then again, this is Holland. Do you walk or drive a car? Do you have tippers? Or do you find (like I do) that you have to find them yourself, spontaneously?
Althought I find it a peculiar hobby, I do not intend to stop taking pictures. Many people start sharing my fascination once I tell them about it. When I speak to them after a while they'd confess that they could not walk passed an abandoned glove without a thought like before. I take pride in making a difference in that regard.
What bothered me before, and I see that you have the same problem, that I find so many working gloves. Plenty of gloves for street cobblers, truck drivers, dock workers or cable guys. Every now and then I have found these rubber gloves that are used in hospitals, but never have I found ballroom gloves or boxing gloves, to name just a few. About these boxing gloves: a colleague of mine once told me the story that he found an open bag with sporting gear near a bus stop. On top of the bag were a pair of boxing gloves. Unfortunately he didn't carry a digital camera and by the time I got tot the forementioned bus stop the bag had gone. (this experience helped me to the rule that I have to find the gloves myself. But I miss a lot of beauties).
I would like to share some experiences with you. Please continue this good work.
With kind regards,

funkypancake Author Profile Page said:

i walk mostly everywhere, which is my glove finding technique.

my glove finding is mostly london based but it depends where my body physically goes.

it's been a few places in the last few years so i too have found stockholm gloves, and also austrian, belgian, german and french gloves.

i love your descriptions of the many gloves. you are right, the variety is endless - functional work gloves, warming gloves, fashion gloves, medical gloves.

i work near a hospital so i see rather too many medical gloves actually.

i do accept pictures from other people though, and agree it's nice to see people changing their behaviour because of what we do.

but do we have a word to describe our hobby ?

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