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i'll catch the armagedon zeitgeist by doing a post about bird flu. except this is simply another animal outside the glasses shop on tottenham court road. it seems they've stuck with the recent bird theme

i spotted this one from a restaurant where i was having a business lunch and kept an eye on it as i dinned. after i walked over to where it was standing and took this photo.

the bird itself looked a bit upset i thought (not to mention a bit beaten up), but then i noticed the crossed arms were built in and the hands were sticking randomly out. i took a leaflet and noticed that the hands were very nicely manicured and a lady's voice said 'thank you' very politely.

it definately wasn't the same person inside as before



Domicat said:

This bird, if it does have flu, looks pretty peeved about it, but not too sick!! I do feel quite sorry for the person inside, 'cos it really is a case of judging the book (or bird) by its cover. I am glad you told us there was someone nice inside!

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