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what better way can there be to spend your lunchtime than waiting in a queue to meet non other than Gene Wilder ? What a man !

here he is, wearing a hoody (i think hoodies are still legal wear if they are pastel coloured. his looked more like a pyjama top)

i had to borrow john's camera for the trip as mine is down the menders. as a result i managed to get very few actually in focus (and none of him looking normal).

the girl in front of my in the queue asked me to take her photo with him because her batteries had run out, but i didn't do a very good job of getting it in focus. so if she's reading this - many apologies. oooops.

here is me and him (taken by the bookshop lady). she couldn't work john's camera either. i was going to get him to do a little video for the blog but he looked way too tired.



michelle Author Profile Page said:

golly geez, it's WILLY WONKA!

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