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regular reader Vin spotted this strange phenominuum in Acton yesterday. it's a tie attached to a car. or perhaps it's a road kill's tie and the poor victim is stuck up there under the bonnet (or 'hood' if you are phoning the site from the New World)

it reminds me of those funny anti-static rubber dangling things that were popular on cars in the late 70s. did they ever work ?

we need to work together to find a car with such a device on the road in these modern times. if you see one, take a photo and email it to me


Vin said:

I went by today and the tie had been removed. Perhaps the car had been wearing it for a special occasion.

padieg Author Profile Page said:

Those anti-static rubber things never worked...specially on me.
This is a very fancy Renault Clio. You can even see it has it's tie completely straight.

david said:

I tried one of these on a citroen BX estate in the 80s - it wore out, and never really worked.

But I still get whopping electric shocks from cars when I get out of them in dry weather in the summer. I have to get out and shut the door 'bum first', as trying it with my hand' fingers results in an electric-fence type zap. Fine if you are trying to keep cattle in a field, but painful for everyday use - (the cattle learn to keep away from the fence very quickly).

Anyone with a solution?

Vin said:

Hold on to the metal frame of the door as you get out. Then you don't get a shock. I had the same problem with my BX.

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