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brother-in-law kev sent me this picture of a sign:

and it reminded me of this which i saw on the beach in norfolk:

is it a flag ? no. it's some pants:

click for big


jokey said:

i am always glad to see things "down to earth"...

funkypancake Author Profile Page said:

or perhaps the sign says 'women swear on ground' ?

to quiet their foul mouths you simply need to put them on an airplane.

jokey said:

this sentense needs to be proven scientifically...so, is this comment an invitation to a journey by plane?

funkypancake Author Profile Page said:

nice try jokey !

although i may have some kind of plan: my wife (who doesn't swear) and I will be going on the Eurostar in a few weeks time.

that goes under the ground and under the sea. i'll observe whether she starts swearing.

we should at least be able to narrow down how and when this strange phenominum happens.

i can see we're heading for a rather nice venn diagram.

jokey said:

we all are looking forward to the resulting diagram... ;-) this may help us to understand the real meaning of the sign ... and by this another part of the world.

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