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jane bought a new vacuum cleaner yesterday. after years of good labour, our old one converted itself in to a loud dust blowing device.

here is jane with her dyson. she was very pleased. and shocked/excited by the amount of cack it picked up off our carpet.



Sarah said:

Wow! That Dyson is nearly as big as Jane! Be careful that she doen't get sucked up as well!

funkypancake said:

if she does i'll be able to see through the plastic dust storage bit.

i'll make sure i take a photo before extracting her !

Tony said:

I've always found that Dysons suck.

funkypancake Author Profile Page said:

perhaps you are too vacuuous ? (bet i spelt that wrong)

Sarah said:

It's amazing what gets us excited as adults.

BW said:

Cack? Did this picking this substance up cause you to cackle?

michelle said:

"cack" is a good word for what gets sucked off of carpets. :)

funkypancake Author Profile Page said:

cack is a good british word. you should all start using it.

cack-handed is another good phrase. more info here:

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