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another robot has appeared near where i saw the other robot picture.

this one has an email address so i'll investigate further for you.

DSC04954.jpg DSC04955.jpg


JK said:

Is Mr. Roboto drawn on a ribbed texture surface? If so, I am extremely impressed! I can't even draw a straight line on a piece of paper.

funkypancake said:

it was a wobbly glass thing i think. i'll check on the way home if it's still there.

meanwhile, i've established contact with Mr Robot and now understand a bit more what it's about !

michelle said:

establishing contact with robots *is* what it's all about... at least i thought that's what it's all about. ;)

BW said:

I hope to hear a robot update soon!

steve said:

he's great. he's the best.

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