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i thought i'd seen a nice purple glove in a plant pot this morning but it turned out to be these plants (with a spoon nestling in the background).

i was quite glad they were just plants as i was concerned that someone had stolen my new business plan, which is to create a line of knitted goods which have more than the usual set of parts.

i'm thinking of 6 (or more) fingered gloves. you'd still be able to wear them, you'd just have an extra finger hole available.

or what about a jumper with three arms ? Or trousers with three legs ?

is anyone willing to prototype any of the above for me ? i think we could be on to something with the 6 (or more) fingered gloves so perhaps we should start there.

i think this art-concept (for that is what it is my friends) needs a name. something along the lines of 'extra-digits' or 'more-of-the-same' but i'm sure you can help me here.

be great to get something in the shops before Christmas.



Maxx Author Profile Page said:

I find it quite alarming how chocolate deprivation can affect one's brain.
And I'm totally useless at knitting so I won't be of much help here, sorry.

Wow said:

Am also useless at knitting but love the idea. The spoon is a nice touch.

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