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i'm back home now. i tried to change my eurostar ticket to come back 8 hours earlier but they wouldn't let me even though the 10am train was quite empty and my 6pm train was quite full. my fault for saving my company money by buying the cheapest ticket !

when i woke up this morning i decided i'd rather spend the day with my family than doing more sightseeing, but it wasn't to be. so, expect lots of photos of brussels (and a few more from Ghent) over the next few days.

i had my lunch this afternoon in a park in brussels. i very carefully ordered ham and chips from the menu. but ended up with papprika flavoured crisps and cheese on cocktail sticks. cheese is quite a challenge for a non milk consumer such as i myself am [was that a proper sentence ?].

i think this is what happens after 5 days with an average of 5 hours sleep/night. oh well.

best get to bed as in 7 hours time i need to get up for another week of work ... and the nights/mornings are getting dark. ho hum.



sixfeet said:

what's that in the little container?

funkypancake said:

i think it was mustard. but i didn't risk it !

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