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the famous belgian statue. nearby was one of those comedy tourist things where you can pop your head through for a comedy photo opportunity.

DSC02318.jpg DSC02319.jpg

a few streets away is the girl version. not quite as dignified as the small chap:



Sarah said:

What costume was he wearing? When we went, he was dressed in Bolivian national dress. I think there's a musuem dedicated to his costumes somewhere in Brussels as well.

funkypancake Author Profile Page said:

it was an english guard. and i think it was because of the liberation celebrations (photos of which are also coming soon).

i didn't visit the museum as i was only there for a few hours and decided to spend my time outside (since it wasn't raining)

andrew said:

Or, maybe to note that while the English guard was having a wee Batman nipped into Buckingham Palace...

Batman at the Palace

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