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i went to see Julian Cope last night. he's probably one of my favourite musicians. completey bonkers.

it was an 'acoustic set' which meant he didn't have any other musicians (most of the time). but he still played every song loaded with distortion and wahs.

he had three guitars - a lime green acoustic number, a Gibson flying V and a two necked job which was tuned to a chord.

If you ever get a chance to see him live, then do !

DSC02566.jpg DSC02568.jpg


Annette said:

He looks a bit like George Harrison with the long hair and beard.

funkypancake Author Profile Page said:

the similarity ends in the appearance !

Brother Edd said:

How come you didnt invite me :O(

funkypancake said:

i left it too late to book, then my friend andy managed to get two returns last week by going in person to the ticket office. so it was all a bit last minute.

i might go to his book signing next month in london if you are interested ...

Geoff said:

Has he still got a structural mike stand?
It was a sort of climbing frame that enabled him to hang 6 feet above the stage.
I think that there is a picture of it on sleeve of World Shut Your Mouth - I'll have a look if I have time.

funkypancake Author Profile Page said:

you are about 15 years out of date. i think he keeps it in his spare room these days.

on this tour he was using a headset microphone (which you can just about see in the pictures above).

at the end of the show he simply put his guitar down, jumped off the stage and walked through the crowd and out the door at the back !

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